Welcome! My name is Cody and I’m a software engineer. Well, I’m also an EMT, General Rescuer, Chief of a Volunteer agency, HAM Radio Operator, Brother, Son, and so much more. Currently, I live in Unincorporated Morgan County, Colorado.

Professionally: I am working at Galvanize as a Technical Mentor. As a Technical Mentor, I am responsible for the technical growth of my cohorts. This means I conduct OHs, Live Lectures, Generate Curriculum, and prepare students for the real world. tl;dr I teach people to become software engineers. I’ve been working for Hack Reactor/Galvanize since Sept 2015. I started out as a Contractor working part-time doing a wide variety of roles. However, within a few weeks I had picked up extra job where I was working full time as a contractor. In November 2015, I officially joined the payroll as a part time employee to assist with the growth of a new program they were launching, while finishing out my contract. In January 2016, I got hired on as a full time Technical Mentor and switched from the Campus in San Francisco to the remote campus. This move allowed me to move back to Colorado where I am proud to call home.

Personally: Life is good. I am 25 years old and live in Unincorporated Morgan County, Colorado. When I am not working you will either find me volunteering, four wheeling, or sleeping. I am currently the Chief at Longmont Emergency Unit (LEU). With LEU alone, I’ve put in over 1000 volunteer hours in during the 2017 Calendar Year. With the rescue organizations, I’m training in various Water Rescues, Medical (EMT-IV), Rope Rescue, Off Road Recovery, and so much more. I love emergency services, so I spend as much time as I can volunteering with them in a wide variety of roles. The awesome piece of LEU is that I get to assist and train with a wide variety of specialties with Police, Fire, EMS, SAR, and Off Roading. All the fun without the paperwork. I was just appointed the Interim Chief position at the beginning of this year, and I’m excited for the challenges that come with that position.

I’m an open book, so if you have any questions or what to chat, just drop me a line!
Email: cody@daig.me